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May 2, 2007
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Chaps, does anyone know what the latest dated firmware for this reciever is ?
I've been given one of these by a friend it apparently stopped working couple of months ago...the area it is from is not Nagra 3 yet..

I've not seen or worked with one of these before, had a quick search and dowloaded the loader for it, and a krypt crew firmware..which is over a year old..I've read it also needs a 9 pins straight through serial cable (not null modem like dreamboxes)..I've got a straight through male-female cable..this box needs female-female however..so i've ordered a gender-changer.

Im thinking could this be a simple matter of factory reset and channel rescan...due to transponder changes..or is there a recent firmware and loader I can try ?

Sorted it managed to find the loader done factpry reset uplaoded last fix with serial straight through cable + gender changer...These boxes really are the biggest pieces of crap i've ever come across..second only to starview and eurovox...lol
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