FTA only streaming with new Images


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Jan 21, 2006
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Ok, ive tryed SO many times now to get this to work.

Is it just me being special or do ALL the newest images fail to stream non FTA channels from the Dbox to the PC?

Ive tryed Nutreno TV, VLCRape and YWeb and nether of them work. They display a black screen when i switch to a non FTA channel.
Ive even tryed many different VLC versions and nothing has changed.

UCodes 001A AND 0014 produce the same results.
My IP addresses are in the same range for the box and for the PC with subnets of

Is it somthing to do with the macrovision on the box? can i just FTP a new working file? Is ANYONE able to stream non FTA channels?
Sorry for the caps but i really am grasping at straws now. what image do you guys use?

Ive got a nokia 2xI if that helps.

many thanks
Sorry m8 this will b of no help to you but i just send my D box to my pc through my tv card wots on the box is on the pc ,Direct recording to my HD no probs class results Paul
I use BitControl and can stream all channel with no problems.

Use the web interface to change channels but you need to close down the windows media player window before changing channel and load it back up again.
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Yea ill play with Bitcrtl again but its just infuriating that it used to work perfectly and now it dosnt work at all. i was just wondering what firmware your useing devilfish?
Just been hunting arround the forum again and it looks like i might have stumbled across the problem

if i look in /lib/modules/ i find that there isnt an saa7126.o file located in that folder. Maybe that as somthing to do with it as my symptoms are that any channel that isnt FTA i just get a black screen on ALL the streaming software (as stated above, VLC, btctrl, Nutreno TV, VLCRape, Yweb). So maybe if i introduce the saa7126.o file i have into that folder it should work. although that sounds FAR too easy. Any suggestions?

EDIT:: im using NJWorld V3
Well i finally found an image that works, although i had to use IFA to get it onto the box i can now stream with Commando 6.
Im going to give Commando 7 a go tomorrow after ive sobered up a bit from the pub and then we shall see what happens. It might be somthing to do with the box based flashing that corrups the image. but ill certainly give it a go. Strangely enough with commando 6 Ucode 14 works rather well!