Front Row & Teleport


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Oct 8, 2005
Hi All......
Im just wondering if any one has some info on this issue...
I have a good services.xml and get a lot of NVOD Channels but am not picking up any Front row Channels at all.
Im also gettong the film flex preview channel but again nothing.
please can someone point me in the right direction.
Oct 3, 2005
If you are in a teleport area you won't get front row. If you are using a newer image you won't pick up front row.

Oct 2, 2005
you have gone VOD put this in your service file and see if it works remember if no film has been ordered you will not get a signal. if you test it over a day i would suggest that all you guys should adjust the freqs to the old front row ones for your area to try as they vary.

<transponder id="f639" onid="f020" frequency="571000000" inversion="2" symbol_rate="6952000" fec_inner="3" modulation="3">
<channel service_id="0001" name="Teleport 1" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="0002" name="Teleport 2" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="0003" name="Teleport 3" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="0004" name="Teleport 4" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="0005" name="Teleport 5" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="0006" name="Teleport 6" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="0007" name="Teleport 7" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="0008" name="Teleport 8" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="0009" name="Teleport 9" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="000a" name="Teleport 10" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="000b" name="Teleport 11" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="000c" name="Teleport 12" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="000d" name="Teleport 13" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="000e" name="Teleport 14" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="000f" name="Teleport 15" service_type="01"/>
<transponder id="f63a" onid="f020" frequency="579000000" inversion="2" symbol_rate="6952000" fec_inner="3" modulation="3">
<channel service_id="0001" name="Teleport 16" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="0002" name="Teleport 17" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="0003" name="Teleport 18" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="0004" name="Teleport 19" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="0005" name="Teleport 20" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="0006" name="Teleport 21" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="0007" name="Teleport 22" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="0008" name="Teleport 23" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="0009" name="Teleport 24" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="000a" name="Teleport 25" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="000b" name="Teleport 26" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="000c" name="Teleport 27" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="000d" name="Teleport 28" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="000e" name="Teleport 29" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="000f" name="Teleport 30" service_type="01"/>
<transponder id="f63b" onid="f020" frequency="587000000" inversion="2" symbol_rate="6952000" fec_inner="3" modulation="3">
<channel service_id="0001" name="Teleport 31" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="0002" name="Teleport 32" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="0003" name="Teleport 33" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="0004" name="Teleport 34" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="0005" name="Teleport 35" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="0006" name="Teleport 36" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="0007" name="Teleport 37" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="0008" name="Teleport 38" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="0009" name="Teleport 39" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="000a" name="Teleport 40" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="000b" name="Teleport 41" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="000c" name="Teleport 42" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="000d" name="Teleport 43" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="000e" name="Teleport 44" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="000f" name="Teleport 45" service_type="01"/>
<transponder id="f63c" onid="f020" frequency="595000000" inversion="2" symbol_rate="6952000" fec_inner="3" modulation="3">
<channel service_id="0001" name="Teleport 46" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="0002" name="Teleport 47" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="0003" name="Teleport 48" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="0004" name="Teleport 49" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="0005" name="Teleport 50" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="0006" name="Teleport 51" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="0007" name="Teleport 52" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="0008" name="Teleport 53" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="0009" name="Teleport 54" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="000a" name="Teleport 55" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="000b" name="Teleport 56" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="000c" name="Teleport 57" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="000d" name="Teleport 58" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="000e" name="Teleport 59" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="000f" name="Teleport 60" service_type="01"/>
<transponder id="f63d" onid="f020" frequency="603000000" inversion="2" symbol_rate="6952000" fec_inner="3" modulation="3">
<channel service_id="0001" name="Teleport 61" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="0002" name="Teleport 62" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="0003" name="Teleport 63" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="0004" name="Teleport 64" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="0005" name="Teleport 65" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="0006" name="Teleport 66" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="0007" name="Teleport 67" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="0008" name="Teleport 68" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="0009" name="Teleport 69" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="000a" name="Teleport 70" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="000b" name="Teleport 71" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="000c" name="Teleport 72" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="000d" name="Teleport 73" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="000e" name="Teleport 74" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="000f" name="Teleport 75" service_type="01"/>
<transponder id="f63e" onid="f020" frequency="611000000" inversion="2" symbol_rate="6952000" fec_inner="3" modulation="3">
<channel service_id="0001" name="Teleport 76" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="0002" name="Teleport 77" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="0003" name="Teleport 78" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="0004" name="Teleport 79" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="0005" name="Teleport 80" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="0006" name="Teleport 81" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="0007" name="Teleport 82" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="0008" name="Teleport 83" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="0009" name="Teleport 84" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="000a" name="Teleport 85" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="000b" name="Teleport 86" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="000c" name="Teleport 87" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="000d" name="Teleport 88" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="000e" name="Teleport 89" service_type="01"/>
<channel service_id="000f" name="Teleport 90" service_type="01"/>


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Oct 8, 2005
Thanks for the help guy's..

I will try it out..