Freezing Bugs With New Image 2 !


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Jul 25, 2001
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EUROVOX Freezing Bugs With New Image 2 !


can anyone who has installed the new autoupdate fix please tell us either way if if your are having picture freezing problems, yes or no ??

And dont forget to tell us who you are with, ntl,Tw or c&w.

this way we might be able to narrow this down to one of the providers, there again, maybe its happening on all providers, but we wont know unless people tell us in here, so please take a few seconds and post your findings in here.

cheers :Cheers:

sorry for making a similar thread to one thats already on the forum, but in this one iam trying to find out specifically who is affected and what provider they are with.
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with TW no freezing issues although i am not 100%sure that my flash has been completed correctly - i have posted about this elsewhere in the forum.
im on TW and since yesterday after reset and a reflash no freezing or messages,posted in other thread about reset to factory defalt,befor this chronic freezing and messages, my dbox was ok so dont think it was the weather or cc.
cheers :BLOBBY:
still working ok here, iam on ntl glasgow. no freeze etc.
there is a new release of the fix which apparently fixes the freezing and improves epg.
I still dont appear to have any freezing, iam running the first fix, ive had it on the ppv boxing for the past hour or two, seems to be ok :)

BUT, the "newer fix", does anyone see any difference using it ???

please post in here and state exactly what benefit the "newer" fix gives.

cheers :Cheers:
can sum1 upload pictures of the epg ?? when u view channel shows whats on does it also tell u whats next ?? thank you
lombard said:
can sum1 upload pictures of the epg ?? when u view channel shows whats on does it also tell u whats next ?? thank you

yea good idea, someone please upload some photos of the epg they are getting :)

malcb can you upload pictures of the epg for eurovox2 in various places ? would be gratefull i think some of the members would like that thanks m8 cheers
malcb thanks mate the epg seems working 100% think am gonna get one !! have you been to system info after loading the latest fix ? and no more freezing ?
i have had no picture problems at all since i put the newest software on
my epg is just like yours malc :) its not perfect but its better :) anyway, i never use epg, good to have though if some people like it :Cheers: