Free Domain Name...........

this looks good, but i reckon it's just a redirection service, not a domain.
i signed up twice, an hour and a half ago, and still no sign of the confirmation email.... :(
Took almost a week to come but it does work!
Copied from mail in belgian (translated using babelfish).

Dear, We thank you for the use of our services. As mentioned after your recording, we send your log-in data for our control panels. To activate or adapt your url-forwarding: h**p://www.registratie To adapt your dns: h**p://pa.registratie user: **** pass: ****@*********.com Pay attention, however, that if you adapt the dns so that no longer indicate to our server also url-forwarding no longer work. Please the dns tool therefore also not to use without only experience. RealROOT are not for possible errors because of foutief dns use responsible. In the close future you can adapt e-mail also your data. Provisionally all entering e-mail indicates on your field to your original e-mail address that you have used at the recording (and where you receive this e-mail on). You can register still free be fields on h**p://reg.registratie if you persuade at least 5 different kenissen to take also a free field name also, get you on top of the free url forwarding also 10 mb free webspace for hosting with a volume of 1 gigabyte date movement per month! You can persuade your kenissen by to people letting surf to h**p://reg.registratie****@********.com. Of course each reference is verified manually by reducing abuse our support team and personal details are extended checked. Pleasant greeting, RealROOT your Internet partne
yeh, got the domain, but email was all in belgium choco, had 2 translate it, and by the way if u want a free .com,net,org go to the link on my signature, trust me this is no scan, and i have got mine already.
Watch yer step

You may want to view the terms in a little more dtail chaps, you have agreed to your name, address , phone number & e-mail address being publicly available on the web (not uncommon with a domain granted) but you know these new domains will be harvested by the spam brigade.

The licensee also permits DNS BE who data to pass on to third parties in order them to let incorporate in a publicly available guide.

The domains appear to be valid for 1 year and I expect you would then be requested to renew although no price is available.

Just so you know...