foreign footballers


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Apr 14, 2008
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Is this a private feud or can anyone join in?

Fergie is visiting Highbury..Arsene Wenger tells him that foreign footballers are more intelligent than home grown..."I don’t think so " says Fergie..AW calls over Robin Van Persie and said " Robin,your fathers son is not your brother who is he?" "Oh that’s easy,” says Robin "its me"...
Next day Alec calls Wayne Rooney in.."Tell me son,..your fathers son is not your brother who is he"? Wayne thinks and says" Can I think about it boss and come back to you?" That night he asks Colleen the same question.."I'm not sure" she says "phone Cristiano Ronaldo he'll know". Rooney phones Ronaldo and asks him the same question "Thats easy “he says”its me"
Next day Wayne goes to see the boss " I’ve worked it out he says its Cristiano Ronaldo" "Get off you daft bugger" says Fergie "its Robin Van Persie"