for all u dreambox owners


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Aug 9, 2001
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got this from a german dreambox site
been translated with google

Swiss Fernsehpiraten condemns, all Dream box owners in the visor Two offerers of illegal Smart Cards were condemned in Switzerland to 20,000 Franconias penalty. But also all owners of the Dreambox stand since chop Swiss the Pay TVs under a general suspicion. The most well-known offerer of coding techniques for Pay TV transmitter, Kudelski, achieved a first partial victory in the fight against the Fernsehpiraterie. The two offerers of the Smart Cards became to 27. March 2007 of the single justiceship in course condemns. With the maps one could refer liable to pay the costs transmitters without payment. In addition users beside the maps needed one only to download of the condemned ones developed, software from the Internet. [RATIO] The two accused had managed together a company in central Switzerland. By these they brought the illegal Smart Cards in circulation. The court condemned the two to the assumption of the legal charges and a penalty of 20.000 Franconias as compensation. Kudelski has still further procedures against hackers openly, who weigh however far more heavily than chop with Smart Cards. Thus apparently the coding of the Pay TV transmitters Cablecom and Teleclub with that can be out-levered to Linux who is based sowing receiver Dreambox by a simply available software module. Complaint against Dreambox dealers Kudelski wants to sue now in Switzerland the dealers of the Dreambox, with which its coding of Pay TV programs can be simply cracked. For demand the Dreambox precipitously, said Kudelski in an interview of the “Sunday newspaper” increased and added: “I have my doubts that someone uses the box legally.” One will point this connection out before court. Kudelski announced besides steps against persons, who use the box privately. Also blackrather would have to count on legal steps. So already four procedures at running are to be in Switzerland. With the help of a software decoder for the Dreambox in the meantime all digitally spread transmitters of Swiss offerers Cablecom and Teleclub without subscription and Pay by View fees are to be looked to be able. Blackrather 3000 Franconias for those could in such a way save nearly hundred television stations and the rent of the set Top box per year. Cablecom confirms a Dreambox chopping “We have a problem” with the Dreambox actually, said Simon Osterwalder, attorney of the Cablecom, opposite the “Sunday newspaper”. Thus one stated that since beginning of the yearly increasingly also people would abuse the equipment outside of the hacker scene. Osterwalder fears therefore that soon first Dreambox Receiver in Discountketten of Switzerland could emerge. In Germany among other things premiere belongs to the customers of Kudelski. Already years ago Premieres first coding standard had been cracked „Nagravision“. Also the current coding of premiere comes from Kudelski and as not particularly surely proved. More for the Dreambox and their legal application read you in our contributions Dreambox: The Linux satellite Receiver as Media servers in the network, Dreambox: The Linux satellite Receiver as Windows servers and audio and video Streaming with the Dreambox. (ala)
hmm dont quite understand the translation

but does that mean end of dreambox's???
doesnt make any sense.. but this is how google and yahoo translate stuff.. hope its not the end of dreambox..
As long as the cc stays on nagra1 we'll be fine.

It's the Dreambox dealers that they're trying to stop not the individuals.
i think its basicly saying that swiss authorities have fined 2 people for breaking swiss paytv services and selling loads of cards to work in dreamboxes
Hi my dear friends

Until 2 days ago all the dreamboxes worked just fine ..... but now I think they switched to Nagra 2 and now it is a black screen on the tv for all DM users as far as I know !!!

What Cablecom doesnt say is that their prices are just rediculus or what do you think if I told you that todays complete package of all channels is 449 francs a MONTH , that is in euro 310 give or take !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

300 euro a month , now you tell me who can afford that ???????

If you have only canal+ , children package , one national package then you end up to "just" 100 euro a month lol........

So you tell me is it strange that people try dm options ????

Thank you all for reading and possibly repliyng to this post