first time try :)


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Jul 2, 2003
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Done everything in tut for 250 methinks but i'm getting this in hyperterminal

Getting 250hack_dump_telnet.bin using octet mode
Tftp timeout...
Tftp timeout...
Tftp timeout...
Tftp timeout...
Tftp timeout...
Tftp timeout...
Retry limit exceeded on block 1....Aborting session

any ideas?
make sure the 250hack_dump_telnet.bin is located in the tftpd32 folder look in current directory on the tftpd server make sure its point to the correct folder where the file is located also make sure ur network card is set to the correct address eg: ip address is 192 168 100 10 and gateway is 192 168 100 1
checked that before i posted because i read irratics post and thought it might be that but no success m8
magic got it flashed :)

just kept trying it and rechecking everything in detail and it worked cheers for that just need a mac now :)
can anyone help me out with a mac cos i can't wait to get this little thing d/l ing peese peeses.............:)
what area are you needing 1 for m8?

cheers guys if you have one
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can anyone tell me what areas i need one from so i can see if i know anyone in those segments