First shave


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Feb 20, 2013
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So the other day my father decided to give me the talk.
Well I assumed he was going to give me the sex talk, but he was actually giving me the shaving talk.
So imagine how the following conversation sounded to me.
"OK son now a lot of guys start doing it at you age, though some are a bit older and some are a bit younger.
Now the first time your going to do it there will be a little bit of blood, don't worry this is entirely normal. In fact your mother will show you a trick with some rolled up toilet paper.
Now you need to work out you preferred method of doing it. Some people do it manually, where as others prefer to do it with electricity.
In fact your mother and I have several implements and creams in a drawer up stairs that we can show you. Now don't worry son you will be nervous the first time you do it, but don't worry the first time you do it i will be standing behind you making sure your doing it correctly, stroke by stroke"
At that point I fainted.