iPhone Firmware 2.0 facts


Jan 30, 2006
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What does the Firmware 2.0 update include?

The Firmware 2.0 update includes the new firmware, which includes access to the App Store
and the ability to use applications that you install from the App Store. The update also includes the January App Pack for iPod touch.

How do I purchase Firmware 2.0 for iPod touch?

It comes free on the iphone 3g and is available free via itunes for the 1st iphones.

Is Firmware 2.0 jailbroken?

Yes. Firmware 2.0 can be jailbroken, with PwnageTool 2.0 by the iPhone Dev Team. PwnageTool 2.0 has yet to be released, although is coming soon.

How do I access the App Store?

You'll need the latest version of iTunes, iTunes 7.7, in order to access the App Store. Select iTunes Store from
the left hand side of iTunes, followed by App Store.

Where can I find the applications that I have downloaded/purchased?

In iTunes 7.7, you'll need to turn on the Applications tab. Select Edit followed
by Preferences and check off Applications. Select OK. Now, on the left hand side of iTunes, under Library, you will see an Applications tab that
provides you with the icons and names of the applications you have downloaded/purchased.

How do I purchase applications?

Applications can be purchased with your iTunes Store account. In order to setup an iTunes Store account, you'll need
to enter in your credit card information, to be billed. Next, once your account is logged in, head to the application you desire to purchase,
and select the Buy App button. Confirm the purchase if necessary, and the application will begin to download. Note that your credit card will be charged.

How much are applications?

Applications, if they are not free, are at varied prices starting from £0.59