I thought i would let you know i have a eurovox cable receiver in the crawley area (t***w**t) we had teleport switched on about 10days ago so i lost my front row channels (Vod) but today i have done another scan and suddenly i get FilmFlex!

This happen to anyone else?
what do u mean another scan ? u mean update ?
i went into the main menu then goto installation then user installation and auto update, but im not sure im getting all the front row channels
Sounds like the filmflex preview channel? I'm sure i've seen it on my dbox and i'm in pure NTL .......
Its got the preview channel the teleport demo and about 10 front row channels that show whole films
filmflex is part of the vod mate it will show previews etc you will be getting vod soon enjoy front row while you can ;)
I also get 10 FR channels on my dbox and my eurovox 2 and my area had VOD now too