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Father gassed his children after break-up

Mar 5, 2006
A MAN who gassed himself and two of his children on Father's Day was going through a break-up with his wife.

Brian Philcox, 52, had been in touch with the campaign group Fathers4Justice before driving to a beauty spot in North Wales to kill himself, daughter Amy, seven, and three-year-old son Owen.

All three were found dead in his Land Rover FreADVERTISEMENTelander near Llanrwst yesterday. Police said they all died from carbon monoxide poisoning after inhaling exhaust fumes. Officers were not looking for anyone else.

Bomb experts were earlier called to the family home in Runcorn, Cheshire, after the discovery of a suspect device. Residents were evacuated on Saturday night, but the device was found to be a hoax.

A second suspect package was sent to a "family member" police said, and this, too, was removed by explosives experts. It was taken to waste ground for examination.

It is not known when Mr Philcox took the children from their mother, Evelyn. She was being comforted by family and friends last night.

Many neighbours were too distressed to speak yesterday about the events of the weekend. But one confirmed Mr Philcox had been undergoing a bitter dispute with his wife, who is also from the Runcorn area.

Teddy bears and flowers were tied to railings outside the family home, a single-storey terraced house on the Windmill Hill estate.

Mr Philcox also had other children with other partners.

Detective Chief Inspector Wayne Jones appealed to anyone who saw the car between 7pm on Friday and just before 3pm yesterday to contact North Wales Police. "Detectives are trying to establish a timeline of events," he said.

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DW Member ++
Jan 31, 2007
not condoning the guy in the slightest but was he pushed too far by current laws and just snapped?


Banned for good!
Jul 20, 2005
Horrible, I hate these stories :(