Fancy a game of might win?

keith lard

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Jun 11, 2005
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Got an e-mail saying you can get £2 free to play at gala bingo online, hope it works.

You have to register but you don't need to put any card details in, at the bottom of the registration form enter 'twopounds' in the promotional code box. Hope this works for everyone and not just for me.
:Cheers: :Cheers: :Cheers: :Cheers: :Cheers:
I played my £2 only needed 2 numbers to get £78.65 but it was not to be!

170 was playing at the time.
LOL thanx m8 just had like loads of gos and didnt win nowt lmao :p o well ;) i did it twice onece as me once as me mum heh :D still didnt make no differnce robbing feckers ;) :cheers:
needed 80 for full house and £70 went at least 6 numbers and did it come up?? did it f##k!!!:mad:
only used 50p of my 2.00 and when i went to play next game i lost my 1.50 without playing ill try again with another name