Fake ebay update


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Mar 26, 2005
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I just got another attempt at a ebay scam,the thing is they sent it on hotmail rather than ntlworld so i knew straight away it was a scam as my acc is using ntlworld email.
It aint a bad one, it says the usual about having to update your card details or your account will be suspended but actually goes to a very realistic "my ebay" log on page once you fill this in which would be easy for people to fall for i guess they'll have your ebay name and password,they then go to a form to put your details etc in--once that is done you can probably wave goodbye to the contents of yer account.

I put in my ebay name as "suck my c#ck you mug":cool: :cool:
and my password as "i'll cut yer throat if ya try scamming me again ya cont"

it accepted this and took me to the card details form which accepted a made up number and a list of furthur profanities:Jester:

Be aware!!!!!
if i get it i will give them a right ear bashing
Here's a recent eBay spoof I have just found in a Hotmail inbox, never had a Hotmail account registered with fleaBay.