Express VPN to be acquired by Kape Technologies for $936M


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Feb 21, 2013
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Crossrider. The UK-based company was cofounded by an ex-israeli survaillance agent and a billionaire previously convicted of insider trading who was later named in the Panama Papers. It produced software which previously allowed third-party developers to hijack users' browsers via malware injection, redirect traffic to advertisers and slurp up private data.

It is ironic that a company whose primary business is to hijack users computers to steal their data and sell it to the highest bidder now owns four VPN services: ExpressVPN, Private Internet Access, Cyber Ghost VPN, ZenMate VPN; three of them very well known VPN providers.

Of course a company like Kape Technologies, founded by an ex-Israeli surveillance agent (their version of NSA) and based in UK, could not have acquired four VPN services without a nod from powers that be, so rest assured that all traffic flowing through these four VPNs will be available in unencrypted form to MI6, Mossad, NSA and very likely the Five Eyes

Express VPN to be acquired by Kape Technologies for $936M

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