Expensive Options


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Nov 4, 2005
hi guys

i need help with making a decision on sumthing, i have a guy selling modded boxes, please make sure ur sitting down coz his prices, i think, r very high.

he can get me a modded sammy with auto update tit card ready to go for £170 or i could get a black dbox 2 all setup and ready to go for £150, which 1 would be the better one to go for.

i dont know anything about dboxes and even after reading the tuts i think i would still strugle to set 1 up myself, so i am will to pay his high price, i could buy a sammy from our friendly auction site but a lot of people have been ripped off, and the last time i checked for a sammy some adverts were reeeeally cheap but clearly too risky they wanted cash or cheques upfront and clearly stated that they did not do refund under any circumstance! wot if the box is faulty??

anyway guys after much thought i still cant decide so the best thing i thought i could do is ask the guys who know, you guys, the guys who have the most experience with these boxes.

so should i go with sammy or dbox 2?

thanx guys


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Dec 8, 2004
Neither! Get an unmodded box and buy the bits you need to get it going yourself. Even buying the bits, ( JTAG, progger,card) it will be less than both those options. Plenty of peeps here to help you.....
I suggest 4000/4010 jtag, but it may depend on your area- DAVIC/DOCSIS....


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May 7, 2005
i would go with AtmelAce.......search for an umodded one and do it yourself.....should work out less then what the trader is charging you (i might add is a bit on the steep side)