Eutelsat W2 (16E)?


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Aug 8, 2001
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Last night my m8 came round for me to reconfigure his satellite meter for 16E, so i swung my dish round to it, but hardly any channels, and those that did clear were really weak. on looking at lyngsat, its now listed as being at 15.8E

i know this satellite had problems, but has it actually moved?
Digi i have terrible trouble with this sat too, i can t get any Digialb channels, i can get tring at signals as low as 30-40 and diema a bit being slightly out would answer as to why
It had problems earlier in the year as you say, maybe its like what happened to Sirius (5 east) in that during daytime it stayed in orbit due to the sun powering its photocell motors but approaching dusk and overnight it began to fall off the clarkebelt latitudinal inclination and so only peeps with elevation/inclination motors could still receive it !:proud:

Like my dish here.
i used to get everything on eutelsat w2. I get bugger all now except the odd bulgarian channel.

seems to not be picking up the main transponders.
Yes the earlier satellite Eutelsat W2 suffered failure and drifted off east, not sure where it is now but I think it was end-of-life failure. The 2 replacement satellites that moved into position where Eutelsat W2M and Eutelsat Sesat.
Eutelsat W2M moved in from 3.1 degrees east, and now sits at 15.86 degrees east.
Eutelsat Sesat moved in from 36 degrees east, and now sits in the location 16 degrees east.
I'm not sure on the beam widths and strengths etc, but they are completely different now so will need remapping. Its seems they may be more focused or less strength, thus needing larger dishes in further west and north areas.

you also have eurobird 16a at that location, i think this sits in between the 2 ~still at 15.8 to 16
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just fitted a gemini 90cm for this satellite, and the signals coming from it are a mess, the diema transponder signals are 82dBuV where i installed it, but looking at the full frequencies on the spectrum analyser side of the meter, looks like a tree or roof is partially blocking the line of sight, nowhere near as clean a signal as it used to be, and a lot of it has moved round as well