Eurovox2 - What needs done to this box


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Dec 12, 2005
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I'm pretty new to all this cable stuff, I was reasonably familiar with the Dbox's but i'm thinking of buying one of these new fangles Eurovox 2 boxes.
I completely clueless to these and would appreciate any help.
I've been told they do pretty much the same as the dbox but thats as much as I know (I only had a 'pre-modded' box, didn't even set it up myself).
The Eurovox box I've seen is in sold 'blank', so I assume I'll need to connect it to a pc and flash it (I found the tutorial for that).

But do I need to worry about talkback on these boxes (I didn't on the dbox)

Is there anything I need to know ( or worry about) using one of these?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated - I'm a complete noob whenit comes to these!
Thanks for that, loads of useful info, but i can't find anything on talkback, does anyone know if they do this?
can't be too careful!