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Dec 12, 2005
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Gonna buy a eurovox 2 had enough of cards!!! Have read eurovox tutorial but can tou tell me step by step from taking it out of the box brand new can i just get on with connecting and flashing or do i need to do some kind of parameter setting. many thanks: shocked2 : shocked2
the eurovox is so easy to set up, take it out of the box, run the cable from your computer to the box, plug in the mains. use DnUpman to download the latest software onto it then do a powerscan. easy as that m8
Have now set up box but can not find power scan box asking me for pin Help: shocked2 : bat :
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Box now sorted

Thanx for all the help peeps. Good Stuff, box now sorted:Cheers:
bobbytoolong said:
Thanx for all the help peeps. Good Stuff, box now sorted:Cheers:
hi mate, like you im a complete novice and have read the tutorials, like you im sick of paying people to program my card again or update the software on my 1000 digibox, i am considering getting this eurovox, is it that easy to set up ? will i get all the channels as i am getting now ? will it auto update itself etc ?, do channels freeze ?

cheers in advance for any advice.
Easy Enough

Managed to set my box up pretty easy if you have read the tutorial properly unlike me in my haste to get setup not reading the last part bout power scan. pretty much plug flash and play. all channels received no freezing still waiting to see if auto updates.
Backing up eurovox channels

Trying to back up eurovox now that i have arranged my channels not sure what to do. Also if you have to reflash a box do you have to delete all data first. : maggie :
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you can save your channel data using the DnUpMan software. it has a box called channel data, browse for wher you want to save file then click on upload. you can also change the order of your channels using the same software.
if you flash a new image to the box always clear the data before just to make sure the software does not corrupt
Channel Backup

Do i need to disconnect the box before i backup channels. Can i arrange channels on my comp and send them back in that order.:Mad2: :Fish:
no need to disconnect your box. you can arrange channels on your computer then send them back.
when you have uploaded you channels file using DnUpMan select edit this will bring up another screen with channel data on it, on the bottom of that page you can click on CH List which opens another screen with tv channels on left and radio stations on right. to move a channel you click and hold left mouse button and drag the channel to where you want. doing it this way you dont have to use your fav settings, once you have the channels in order click on apply then save, exit then download back to your box
eurovox cant find chanels

have linked up box flashed eurovox (twice) how do i take the info out of the eurovox so i can start again please help a newbie cheers in advance