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Nov 29, 2005
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hi folks

i recently got a Dbox 2 with commando image already installed on it and channels stored but no picture out the box. I scanned using the 2 default frequencies plus a third that seemed to be put on by the previous owner.

I scanned and all the channels were found during scan however at the end of the parameter search theres a box that comes up with a red X saying error NO channels found, despite the previous search saying there was over 200 found can anyone advise what i can do/try? should i try putting a completely different image on it??

Cheers in advance
Flash it yourself with one of the latest images, (plenty of great images to choose from on here) set scanning up for your area and do a scan, hopefully should sort it out.

i transferred the latest sporster to the box and im tryin to scan for chanels using bruteforce for uk, its got 303 transponders and is taking forever do you leave fast scan on or of folks?

i didnt put a glasgow service in as i dont know what to do.
A bruteforce scan takes ages m8, but should get there in the end, might have been better with commando 7.5, as you can press blue button and set it for your own area and with fast scan on it takes about 2 mins.

is it the new uk moded sportster in the downloads then press the blue button and set your location m8 that should speed things up.
cheers johny48
yes its the april version of sportster, how do i set my area for gllasgow is that on the menu also?
it should be there Delbhoy. either nhell tpest hope this helps
cheers johny48