Epson Printer Probs


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Apr 18, 2006
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Hi All

My Hd went down last week & in trying to recover some files from it it managed to take down my Mobo & PSU.
Anyways iv'e replaced both & setup another Win XP Pro Sp1 the same 01 I was running b4.
I'm on a 3.2 Intel pentium 478 & the board has 06 USB ports.
All i'm getting when I try to connect the epson r300 is HI SPEED USB DEVICE PLUGGED INTO A NON HI SPEED USB HUB.
I've installed another 02 ports of the PCI slot but i'm still getting the same result. I've had a look through the Bios but I cant find anything relating to the Usb ports.

Any help appreciated

Cheers all.
I think it's because you havent got service pack 2 installed, I think this enables your USB to go from USB1 to USB2 which are different speeds!