EPG Roll out dates


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Dec 14, 2004
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Found this info posted on the cable forum.

Internal info on the new Epg rollout:
Following are the franchises receiving the code download in the first week of Phase:

13 March to 20 March
Langley: Glasgow, Reading (Set-top boxes included: PACE 4010, Samsung 2100 & Samsung 2110)
Bromley: Solent (Set-top boxes included:pACE 4000, Samsung 2110 & Samsung 2110

13 March to 15 March
Knowsley: North West (A005, A007, A008, A028), Scotland (A016) - (Set-top boxes included:pACE 4000, SA4000, SA4200 & Samsung 2110)

Because we want to give our customers the best possible experience we will be checking that everything went ok after we have completed the first day's download before we carry on with the roll out on the 14 and 15.

Phase A set-top boxes

- Langley: PACE 4010, Samsung 2110, Samsung 2100

- Bromley: PACE 4000, Samsung 2110, Samsung 2100

- Knowsley: PACE 4000, SA4000, SA42000, Samsung 2110

Phase A - week 1

13 March to 20 March

- Langley: Glasgow, Reading

- Bromley: Solent

13 March to 15 March

- Knowsley: North West (A005, A007, A008, A028), Scotland (A016)

Phase A - week 2

21 March to 27 March

- Langley: Litchfield, Swindon, Luton

- Bromley: Wessex, Peterborough

20 March to 22March

- Knowsley: North West (A006), Birmingham (A037), South East (A012), Scotland (A015), Southern (A03C), Cotswold (A00B), Yorkshire (A003)

Phase A - week 3

28 March to 3 April

- Langley: Belfast, Swansea, Kirklees

- Bromley: Southhampton, Manchester 2

27 March to 18 March

- Knowsley: Birmingham (A033), West London (A014), London South (A013), Southern (A01C)

3 April to 4 April

- Knowsley: South East (A00F, A010), West London (A014), North London (A019), Southern (A01B), Midlands (A00E), Yorkshire (A002, A004)

Phase A - week 4

11 April to 17 April

- Langley: Cardiff, Oxford, Guildford

- Bromley: Leeds, Derby, Stoke, Manchester 3

11 April to 12 April

- Knowsley: North London (A019), Scotland (A018), Midlands (A00D), Yorkshire (A001), Midlands (A00E), Yorkshire (A004)

Phase A - week 5

18 April to 23 April

- Langley: Northampton, Warrick, Hemel, Andover, Leicester

- Bromley: Surrey, South Herts, Seven Kings, York, Wearside

17April to 19 April

- Knowsley: North West (A038, A03A, A042), Scotland (A018, A027, A031), Avon (A00A), North London (A019), Midlands (A00D), Yorkshire (A009), Yorkshire (A001)

Phase A - week 6

25 April to 1 May

- Langley: Cambridge, Colchester, Teesside

- Bromley: Norwich, Sussex, Bromley, York, Wearside, Leeds

Phase A ends for Knowsley

Phase A - week 7

2 May to 9 May

- Langley: Nottingham

The rollout is taking place in two phases, with certain set-top boxes receiving the code in each phase. Phase A will run from March through to May and will include set-top boxes which we know from experience are less likely to fail on taking the new code. Phase B will run from May to June and will include some of our older set-top boxes that may potentially be more likely to fail. This approach will help us to more effectively manage both the download and any customer calls.


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Dec 27, 2005
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So im assuming we can all now force update before they roll it out?