EPG on 2100c out of sync? - any ideas?


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May 8, 2006
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Hi Guys,

No doubt other people experience this too, but I was just wondering if anyone knows why the mini-guide seems to lag? and TV programmes that were on a few hours ago are still being displayed? Example: At 7pm the Mini-guide was still displaying programme information for 2pm and does for all channels. NOTE: full guide is fine and displays correct info.

Is it a generic problem that even fully subbed boxes experience? Is it down to a signal problem? Is it down to the box? or the card?

It's not a huge problem as a reboot of the box always fixes it, it just get's annoying. Can anyone shed any light onto this issue?

sammy 2100c in pure + MOSC

i got similar problem..

not too sure as my mate has a 2110 in same area without the epg lag.. we even have prity much the same tit 2 image..


i got lag on both 2100 at my house.. mine on tit mums on fun4
Iv noticed the same with my 2100s using fun4s been happening quite abit recentl... I just reset the box and then its usually sorted...
mine goes to fri at 1400 every so often a reboot usually sorts it as above
Yeah thate faor enough.. but its only of recent its been noticalble.. before it be gone for a lil while b4 and sorts its self out... only ast few days been really bad... even with reboots