email sent to Htc re: voice tags


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Nov 27, 2005
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E-mail i sent to htc.


I have just recently purchased an Htc Desire, upgraded to to 2.2.

It does not have voice tags for hands free calling, will this be implemented in another firmware update,if not then i will have to give my phone back for another that does hands free calling in the car.

E-mail back from htc.

Dear joebloggss

Dear Joe Thank you for contacting HTC In replay to your email Voice to text is only available in North America due to the limitations of the voice recognition software database that our phone uses. We are researching the possibility of expanding the coverage of the Voice-To-Text feature but we are still analyzing the feasibility and currently have no schedule to relay to you now. Kind regards Kev B HTC

so it looks like were not get this implemented, thats BS....