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Jan 9, 2007
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Really puzzled me this one..been messing with 4001 for over a week just kept getting channel 0 (no channels available ) network cable unplugged (blah blah ) anyways changed frequency the first digit up by 1 just to see if it did owt..and it did worked perfect!! took it to me mates house plugged it in and it went back to no channels again!! took it back to my house and no channels again!! how can this be??signal is good snr rate is fine net id set correct,,tried all frequencys for my area just cant get this box to work again GUTTED!!any ideas folks what the missing link is???
This is a common 1 with these boxes as is stuck on tune.Have a read up on a few of these threads m8 you will find the outcome can be solved if ur lucky by reflowing the atmels or the other being to change a few caps.If u get it on try to keep it powered up as this will help any dry joints on the board keep themselves active.