eepc and wireless on linux


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Jul 7, 2001
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Has anyone overcome the issue with wireless conection on an Eee pc sitting at pending when you try to connect?

Any help appreciated.


No but my guess is it is not the lappy but a setting you have got a problrem with on the wireless setup. Either in your lappy or your router. What models are your lappy and router?
What network card does it have. The wifi in my msi wind (realtec 8187se) really doesnt get along with linux AT ALL. (I have tried all available drivers). It cant hold the connection for more than about 10 mins before dropping out. Very often it fails to connect in the manner you mention.

Also what application are you using to manage the wifi in linux. I find WICD to be by far the best - if you have not tried it, give it a go.

Thanks for the help guys, but after doing a little more searching, I found it to be quite a common problem, told my neice to buy a new net book with something other than linux on it. I would have only ended up with it back at my house every other week in the long term.

Thanks again guys.

try puppy linux on a usb stick, it had the wifi drivers built in for my netbook.

see if that connects to the wifi ok, if so get rid of the linux OS on the netbook.
I had the same problem with the missus EEEpc, all i did was delete the connection that was pending, and it tried then to connect to the next. Spoke to Asus and apparently its a common problem that occurs