Editing xml nighmare


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Jul 27, 2005
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Andromeda system
This is for my dreambox, but the information is relavent here so i feel i will get more looks in here.

I am trying to add discovery channells to my dreambox by editing the xml (tried scanning etc)....i have the working xml from my gemini image, i have worked out the slight difference in format with dreambox xml and adapted the info from gemini accordingly.......i can now get the channells to show on the epg and the epg is fully working but i just get a black screen, the only thing i think of is that the transponder needs to be in a specific order/place on the xml ??

I have attached my service from gemini which contain ALL channels i can recieve and the neutrino services i wish to add and already have added unsuccessfully the channells from the gemini.

If anyone can view them and see if i done anything wrong ?

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I used a free xml editor and it proofed it saying it was well formed...i uploaded it and get the channels showing up on epg with full info....yet all i get is a black screen......can anyone throw any light on this ??