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anyone watch that thing on tv tonight about ebay on itv at 8.30 it basicly just shows how much of ebay is false and how much conning is going on even the ebay staff didnt even give a sh*t unless they was getting there fees anyone watch it your veiws on it please : shocked2
this tw*t......

Net conman turns over new leaf

Ebay conman: Phillip Shortman

THE teenage Gwent conman who swindled eBay customers out of thousands of pounds now wants to advise the Internet auction site on tackling criminals.

Phillip Shortman, 18, originally from Pontypool but now living in Newport, is to appear on the Tonight with Trevor McDonald programme this evening, and will reveal he wants to put his criminal behaviour behind him and offer his services to eBay as a security adviser.

Shortman was sentenced to 12 months' detention in May this year after duping customers out of £45,000.

His crimes funded a lavish lifestyle including holidays abroad and rides in limousines.

Shortman said: "Fingers crossed that somebody like maybe Microsoft or eBay will get in touch with me. I want to prove myself and I want to show my community I'm changed."

Shortman claimed it was easy to carry out his fraud, and criticised security on the eBay site.

He added: "It's easy. I can see a scam from miles away."

Shortman evaded capture for more than 13 months, despite asking his victims to pay funds into a bank account held in his name or send cheques to his home.

Shortman was eventually convicted, but while on bail awaiting sentence he re-offended by conning eBay customers into paying £8,000 for tickets to the Welsh rugby team's Grand Slam decider match.

Following his release on licence after serving an initial custodial term, Shortman was arrested and convicted for this crime at Abergavenny magistrates court.

He is awaiting sentence at Newport crown court.

The married father of one claimed he was sorry and said he would pay back the money if he could.

In response, eBay's head of safety and security, Gareth Griffiths, said he was keen to meet Shortman to discuss a possible role.

He said: "I'd love to have a chat with Phillip. Let's talk about it."

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sorry m8 it was on at 8 not 8.30 it was Tonight with Trevor McDonald
that looks like one i should have seen, i'll be waiting for the repeat.....bloody ebay conmen, i've been contacted by so many of them offering products if i send them western union transfers. Was that what this guy was upto?
the ones to watch out for our second chance offers (if you dont win the item and they contact you to buy it again)... i nearly got done by one tricky fella lol... lucky i was not smoking or i would have lost me cash :(