Easyjet Hotel Discount Code Up To 75% Off


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Sep 8, 2006
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we're delighted to offer you a guaranteed saving of up to 75% make a booking with easyJetHotels. It is valid for one week from today and will be worth 5%, 10%, 25%, 50% or even 75% off the cost of your hotel rooms on any date and any length of stay. The final discount will be revealed when you make your booking.
Here is your discount code: 39990924
Take your pick from more than 10,000 hotels in over 50 destinations. Why not choose a luxury 5* hotel right on the beach, or maybe you prefer the über cool design of a chic boutique hotel?
To find out how much you can save today, simply follow these steps:
1) Go to the easyJetHotels.com homepage and search for where & when you'd like to go
2) Select the hotel of your choice
3) Enter your discount code to find out how much you save!
Remember - your code will expire at midnight on Sunday 1 April. Good luck!!
I am trying to book my flight for Spain throught easyjet, was just wondering if there were any codes for this? thanks in advance.
flights to spain by easyjet

easyjet are offering 25% off flights to spain as of today 30th of march until next tuesday. hope this helps.