easy-to-fly indoor Helicopter


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Oct 3, 2004
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http://www.bigpockets.co.uk/product.php?lang=&product=GAD1128&session=626d5d9e 3aabb237ab1c03a20dbd74

This looks really good

The unique new BladeRunner easy-to-fly indoor Helicopter weighs only 50g and features two contra-rotating main rotors, with free floating rotor heads and a horizontal rear rotor for incredible stability. Supplied completely ready-to-fly with pre-installed three channel Proportional Radio, for precise control at home, or even at the office!...

This box set includes an easy to use integral Mains Charger/Transmitter and a high capacity Flight Battery, requiring only, 1 x 9v 6F22 Battery for the Transmitter. Just perfect for amazing indoor flights of 5 minutes, or more

Please Note these are Ex-Demo models.
Thansk m8, might treay my kid to that :)

will have to test it first ;)
Smart! I got one of these last year for £70! Only thing is my rotors are fukd where it kept crashing into the xmas tree last year! Don't drink and fly! Take that as a warning! :)

Might just get another... Thanks for that.
Just been online ALL SOLD OUT.
Thanks anyway