e74 one light of death


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Nov 6, 2005
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ok well this is the 1st xbox i have had that has done this, anyone help ;-)
it's a tuff one mate and it's video related, got a box here that had it and it's been repaired and repaired and repaired, luckily 56 fans now keep it cool and fingers crossed it's still working...lol

As you can tell little annoyed at this box and didn't put any effort into it after the 30th E74 error i got.....

used heat gun and all the other tricks in the book to get it working from E74 luck, prob just a matter of time...lol
ahh so its a heat issue, thats wierd i have hardly played and its in a cold room, where as before i played about 6 hours at a time !!
thats amazing.
that is just an internal picture right?
you do keep the lid on? it streamlines the air through the tunnel so the hot air directly escapes throguh the rear vents.

here is the best guide for fixing rrod:
Xbox-experts.co.uk - Tutorial - Team HYBRID's Ultimate X-Clamp Fix (RELEASED!)
if that doesnt fix it.
try reflowing it using a heat gun. (i recommend you heat gun it anyway to make it a little more of a permanent fix)
E74 with a single light is bad news, atleast it has been for me.

Almost guaranteed to RROD again in a few weeks/months.

I might try Dibbers fix next time, lol. :)

@ P33 RVV, they are all heat related mate. It's a design flaw.
aye it took me about 15 mins, but its all up and running again
i was determined to not let the bey'atch beat me, as the bans and that might be coming along soon decided that I'd keep that one going and then as soon as were banned I'll fire a new one up and flash, but yeah she does sit like that sounding like a Hoover on full belt like! lololol......