DVD drive not reading copied cd's


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Dec 5, 2004
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can anyone shed any light on this, my mate in work has a dvd/cd combo drive and it has just stopped reading any non origional disc's all origionals are fine but all others come up as no disc in drive, is the drive knackered or could it be driver (which he has tried reinstalling)
if it's just started maybe it's the disk brand ?......i had this problem infact i have it now and i solved it by removing it from the ide cable, it rebuilt my pc and put it in the middle of the ide cable, ( don;t know id your mates been messing about ) so i simply moved it ot the end......now i don't know if that how my set up is at the moment i can't be arsed to open the bey'atch back up.......hope it is a lens cleaner that be mighty fine !

good luck.
sempi said:
would that cause it to read orig only and not copies or would they all just not work? sorry if its a daft question as i know nothing about this m8

It may do. The laser tends to be much more sensitive to problems with burnt discs because they have to be closer to perfect than a pressed disc but like others have said, it can be a brand issue.
It could also be the way its been burnt. You could also try a firmware upgrade. That may make it support the disc you are using or the way it has been burned.
9 times out of 10 it's a weak laser. If the drive that's trying to read the disk has had plenty of stick in the past then I'll bet any money that the laser's on its way out. Have experienced this many times in the past and considering the price of DVD writers now it's not worth messing about, replace it.
just to keep you up to date guy's, workmate tried dvd lens cleaner but it would not play was coming up with an error (which he forgot to note but said he will tonight) so he is going to try a cd cleaner tonight and see if anything happens
boys i had that problem it was the disk i used the guy that sold me the disk said that the disk was burn proof i could only get the cd to play on a cd player..
Hi Guys

Just a quick word on this subject - if the copied cd's are from the same
source - it may be that the person doing the copying is leaving the cd
with an open sesion - this renders it unreadable to certain drives
- nero is set to copy multi-session discs as default - i always turn the option off
as a cd only costs 10p .....................
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