Dreambox output


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Nov 22, 2004
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Northwest england
I want to connect my pc to the output coax socket of the Dreambox,but it appears there is no signal on it.The same set up worked fine when my pa*c* 2000 box was working.To test the Dreambox connections I disconnected the scart cable to the TV and connected to the TV with a piece of co-axial cable as the hand book says you can do as an alternative connection.It did'nt work.Any ideas.I have found the Dreambox to be very finnicky connection wise if the contact is not perfect no go.
There is no HF modulator at a 500c box.
The coax ouput is only a loop through for the untouched cable signal.
Use a HF modulator with scart input or the coax output of a connected vcr recorder.
a HF modulator with scart input will cost you around £15 on fleabay m8. I tried one on my pc and could get it to work on my dbox2 but not my dreambox (black scrren sound only).
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