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Mar 7, 2007
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hi fellas.
my virgin modem isnt suposed to be here till tomorow, but i have a feeling the line is live already from what the woman was saying on the phone.

i have a question, i may try out the dreambox to see if i can pick anything up today.

from the telewest box on the wall, there is a white cable running out of it which looks like this..

I am just wondering where i insert this into the back of the dreambox ??

hi mate you plug into the socket where it says ant in but you need a adapter like this one look on fleabay or maplins do them p/s if i have helped dont forget to add rep thanks
bruv can u host that pic some where else ? cos i cant view it !! cheers
yes mate thats what he is talking bout get 1 from maplins for bout 1.50
there isnt a maplins near me....

what other shops stock them ?

b&q ? homebase ?
erm good question! not homebase a dont think, u might be able to get one from a currys or summit like that
Definatly not currys, commet etc, I cannot remember which one but either B&Q or Homebase do. Have a search on the dreambox section it has been talked about in the past.
i cant find the post ?!?

which one is it mate, b&q or homebase ?
Cant find it myself now, so just try both, or post on the Dreambox area and someone will tell you, alternitavly look on fleabay.

Edit or just use Maplin online?
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