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Jul 9, 2009
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having problem conncting to my tm800 using db edit, ip is okay but password not excepted. using latest version of db edit, any ideas pls.
leave password blank mate
if blank password dont work, then set a password on the box. Thats what I had to do when using my ftp app.
need to change password
1.use dcc first linke your reciever with dcc than go to telnet
2.write passwd than technomate press enter
3.re write again technomate press enter you can't see antything is changed
But your password is changed go back dcc main page write your new password if you login to the reciever and you see your all files than everything are fine
now you can go to your dreamsat you password is technomate go to setup
title name technomate 800 hd password is same check your ip frimware is enigma2 var4 test config if comes every thing is ok than save it now you can make your own channel list!!