Dragon Cam- Try not to laugh -Im serious


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Jun 26, 2005
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one of the selling points for dragon / T rex cams is that it offers dual card reading with a second slot for sim cards. I havent got a sim at the mo but I do have more than 1 sub card that I like to use in the dragon.

Trying to be clever- towards the end of my ART sub last year I cut the sim shape away from the rest of the card and put in the sim compartment of the cam.........Couldn't believe it when it didnt work.......LOL

Rectified the situation in typical blue peter method with some double sided sticky tape and the offcut that I kept....put the bionic card back in the card slot and it worked.....!!!!

Is there any reason as to why my half baked idea won't work ???
the sim card slot is only for Firecrypt encryption. When you 'patch' a Dragon with new firmware it is only altering the main card reader slot to be compatible with other cards, the writers dont bother changing the official firecrypt sim slot.
Thanks m8...you are a fountain of knowledge!!!!!!.....

out of curiosity is there or is there ever likely to be a cam that can do what id hoped this one would ? Not that id invest in one now anyway..but good for future reference.....
cheers as always ph