[DOWNLOAD] update 9-july-16


Jun 2, 2016
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Updated on 9-july-16.
New channel names.......(no movement)

sky showcase is now "SKY HITS"
sky greats is now "TOM CRUISE"

setanta sports ireland is now "EIR SPORTS 1"
setanta sports 1 is now "EIR SPORTS 2"
setanta HD now named "EIR SPORTS 2 HD"

There is no movement in them channels just renamed.
As all my updates are vertually the same as AJs to avoid getting used to different channel order.
Works on openbox/skybox.......

As i always say....."please let me know ASAP if theres movemenet on any other channels and i will post new update"

One other thing.............
its good to see EIR SPORTS showing riverplate matches

>>> CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD update 9-july-16 <<<
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can you send me the channel list directly please mate as i dont have enough posts to download from the forum
sorry mate still no joy, it's saying file not found when I run the upload. I noticed the file format was .rar is that normal?
sorry mate still no joy, it's saying file not found when I run the upload. I noticed the file format was .rar is that normal?
extract the file mate.
Once file is extracted you will see a file called...

copy that file into empty memory key.
Put memory key in box then go to.....
upgrade by USB
change upgrade mode to "misc files"
then select and upgrade.
press ok on TP_PROGS and green tick will show.
now press yellow button.

Press menu twice then power off on remote.
When box boots new list is installed.

also use this list below.....

avoid having more than one file on your computer at any given time.
If you have more than one file then second file will be called....

That file will not flash as it must be TP_PROGS.dbs
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Ok thanks river, I've followed the above and the channel list has worked however the only channels that work are the standard bbc 1 etc. No sky channels work and just appear scrambled. I had to unbrick my box yesterday via the process I found on this website, that worked. However would I need to get my subscription reactivated? Seems strange all the channels are scrambled
If you have unbricked your box most likely all data was wiped off.
You should contact your supplier and explain what happened and hopefully they will issue a fix to you.
Or if you have a record of cfg file just manually type it in.