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[DOWNLOAD] Tsmedia-oe2.0_6.5

Apr 30, 2014
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whats new:

-added new addons
-fixed crashes

please read this statmeent from mfaraj

teledunet and cartoonarabi not fixed yet in official version 6.5 because no enough time but not difficult to fix
now from version 6.5 maintenance of addons is simple ,fix of addons will be in tools/files library/addons fixed,just install the fix without installation of the whole TSmedia package,also unneeded addons can be removed and installed again
new addons will appear under tools/files library/addons new and can be installed without waiting for the next TSmedia release,groups addon when complete will include all addons with available functions (remove,install and update),insalled addon will have green color,available new update blue colon and not installed grey color
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