[DOWNLOAD] TM-Single-4d-openpli-enigma2-3.0-linux-kernel-3.5.

Abu Baniaz

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Mar 30, 2008
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For some bizarre reason, DAGS/4D/Technomate always incorporate a bootloader in the image pack. It is always best to flash the bootloader and image separately. Delete the cfe.bin file and flash the image only.

Write up
1-HBBTV bug fixed
2-Web Browser I/F Ready
3-DDP(AC3Plus) bug fixed
4-Media Trick Mode improved(Audio Sync time)
5-Scrambled channel timer recording memory bug fixed
6-Standby Mode Timer Recording bug fixed
7-Video Quality improved
8-Full image backup/restore function added
9-Autotimer plugin install bug fixed
10-Change channel asking each time on pts bug fixed
11-crypto info - server line(full) mode added
12-Muti channels EPG/Timer recording Fixed
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You would be better off flashing openATV 7.3 instaed of an image that is over 10 years old. They have added a workaround so that a swap file is generated is used and also that flash expander is used. Receiver will boot slowly, but will still work.
All is well as above but I will try many time to install dreamsat plugin and failed every time🤔