[DOWNLOAD] RTI Remote Corp Ultimate Drivers Pack

Anyone here has a general 2-way driver for me? I think its one that can be custom made for 2 way operation.
Please update this link. Anyone downloaded it at all? (Did it ever work at some point?). It's a really nice to have if you are into these things.
I can only suspect you paid money to have privilege to download this file.
Rather than have this happen to dead files can @Mick have a look at this please?
If file is not available maybe better to remove thread to prevent newbies thinking if they pay they can access it.

@Ddsenela i have tagged staff member that hopefully will resolve your issue.
Yes..... you paid for premium, that means you have access to files.
(but not this one as i cant also)
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I know chances of getting this file reinstated is slim to none, so I am asking anyone who may have downloaded it to please PM me. Also looking for any RTI integrators who are willing to share with me through PM.

Thanks everyone.
Sorry to did up an old thread but there is a driver in this pack I am after. Did anyone manage to obtain a copy?