[DOWNLOAD] plugin to update sky 282 uk xml file for OpenVix


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Sep 16, 2014
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CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD >>>>> plugin to update sky 282 uk xml file for OpenVix

I got this update courtesy of openVix support site. It updates a .xml file to allow correct insertion of Premier Sports HD & Setanta Sports 1 HD.

This update is only for those using OpenVix Hades 18 or less. Apparently new OpenVix releases after this current release will feature the updated file.

This plugin should work on most, if not all, Enigma2 boxes running recent OpenVis Hades image 18 or less although I can't confirm this. I don't think this plugin would work on really old image series like Apollo, etc.

I quote from openvix support site;-

I have very quickly done a plugin with "sat_282_sky_uk.xml" file that was in the github dated 25/07/2015 to hopefully easily aid in replacement of the xml file so other users can receive these channels for those using image version less than Hades 19 (as Hades 19 will include this file as standard).

The plugin will backup the existing file first before replacing with file dated 25/07/2015.


1. FTP the file to your tmp folder, "/tmp"
2. From the Menu > Setup > Vix then select 'Install local extension' to install the plugin and follow prompts including to reboot GUI.
3. From Menu > Setup > Service searching > AutoBouquetsMaker then select 'Start scan' to rescan.

HOW TO UNINSTALL: Select "sat282skyxmlupdate" from within Extensions within plugin feeds. This will then restore the file that was previously backed-up.
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