[DOWNLOAD] Blackhole 3.0.2DM800HD.Estar Sim

I have downloaded this image. It crashes a lot then I tried different 3.02 Black Hole, still use the second one.
I follow the guy "by ERK@L" which is his signature. He first posted EStar BlackHole 3.02 on his own ........Forum (I downloaded) It crashed a lot. Then I found a new 3.02 on an Arabian Forum. It is much more stable then this one. Do you want me to name the forums? I also follow you on s.......u.......Forum too. I just wanted to warn the other members. That's all. Since you've deleted my messages in vain. I expect an apology. As you well know I didn't break any forum rules. I deserve an apology. Apologie or give my messages back to me. Thank you!