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Feb 20, 2006
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BAS Vegas
just a word of warning dont use this company
they look very cheap and the website looks good, but they are very very poor.
i tried them out and they said that the box would be live within 24hrs, 1 week later i was still waiting, it wasnt until i put a claim into paypal they set it up. by this point i had aready given up and set up another account with another company (they quote 24hour support yet i submitted 3 tickets never to get a reply).
paypal didnt give me my money back because they finally set the unwanted account up (although im not that worried), but i thought i would pass this on - they are total garbage, im not so much ranting now i asked for my money back in which they refused so i thought i would air my disgust at them accross many forums, if it saves at least one person thier money then its job done.