doin my head in


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Nov 11, 2005
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copied all working xml files (all channels clear) from first box
then copied these files to second box and some channels dont clear now
so i tried a third box but bsame result as second box dont know why
they have all been put on same connection point just to see if it was a problem with feed so now lost
i have just backed up fully working image from box 1
and flashed box 2 with it and gues what still the same
got a bad headache now going to have a rest
Not tried to reinstall me image yet, an I'm not lucky enough to have 3 boxes lol, I'll ave a go at the w. end.
the funny thing is i save the image off the one that works and installed a copy of it on one that dose not and all the files look the same but will it foook open itv2 e e+1 cartoon network cnn bbc parley and all the others on that feq
What cam is it, mgcamd? Try restarting it... but it is a little wierd
yeh it's mgcamd done all the usual things going crazy now after all that work on xml files and working on 1 but not the other 2 well just installed gemini 2.50 on new box and doing a scan right now keep u posted
gues what gemini was not as good for me
so put my backed up neutrino image back on and still the same channels missing
then switched box off went to bed got up this morin and started to mess again and turned box back on and they all worked strange
so tried third box and it did not work flashed and unflashed and flashed again still no good
so i went down stairs to my other feed pluged it in and hey presto it all worked so went back up to feed upstairs and channels missing strange tried first two boxes and ok
so i tried third box again and no good went back down and ok
i have read some where that these buggers don't like cheap scarts so ithink that maybe problem
these are great boxes but can do youre head in
well all working now all boxes so time to leave alone for a while and do some tv watching
till next new image is out and then time to fidle again
if i can help anyone i will