Do we need to transfer the UPDATE folder?


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Jul 20, 2005
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Doesn't the UPDATE folder only contain firmware updates?

If so then whats the point in storing it on our PS3's?
no, just delete it. its taking up unneccesary space on your HD
Yer I've been deleting them.

I've noticed that a lot of games install a shit load of extra language files, I wonder if I could rip those out without breaking it. :err:

Only one way to find out... ;)
somebody mentioned about removing the language files on here a few days ago. cant remember which thread it was in, but it seemed like u can do it without any problems.

there was a download on newsgroups that had loads of ripkits for quite a few games. u could give them a go if u can find them.

here u go. i aint tried them, and have no idea what they remove, so use at your own risk
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certainly be good if we could get the game size down as some of them just take the piss!

witchys on the job sure he'll sort it out!
I expect that the PS3 ripkits will be exactly the same as PS2 ripkits. They replace big files (mainly audio and video) with smaller files from the same game