Do u think uk police should carry guns


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Jul 5, 2001
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After the terrible killing of a woman officer and another injured do u think all uk police should carry guns,please feel free to comment on this subject
yes and but if some police moan we dont want them they shouldn't be forced to use them. No one should force the police to be protected in order to protect
Sadly I think the time has come for the Police to arm themselves ... times have changed radically in this country in the last few years now with no room for the "old British bobby" anymore ... Time to get tough !
Thats the prob isnt it,innocent people being killed or injured,you can just imagine the headlines if the police killed an innocent person as we saw with the killing of the bloke the police thought was involved with the london bombings
Bronto said:
Sadly I think the time has come for the Police to arm themselves ... times have changed radically in this country in the last few years now with no room for the "old British bobby" anymore ... Time to get tough !

Yes i totally agree with you we have to act now, there seems to be too many guns about and there not scared to use them.
The issue has always been if the police start carrying guns so will the criminals, I know some do but they are in the minority, I guess the issue is, will the small time criminals start to carry guns as a reaction to the armed police, I think the localised armed response units do a fine job, they are called upon on a daily basis for such issues like the chap with a table leg and people with replica guns and not forgetting real armed criminals......

I think it will be a sad day when our police force has to arm every officer and personally do not think the issuing of arms will prevent an officer getting shot...

even tougher sentences for armed crime, increased amnesty for gun disposal and cash rewards for ratting on a rat (ie information leading to removal of an illegal firearm from society)...


No chance!

I really dont think they should! I certainly agree that the old british bobby is way past its sell by date, you look at our cops with their old fashioned shirts and ties and top hats, they certainly need to get into the times perhaps combat pants, baseball caps like the US cops but certainly not firearms.

We dont exactly have a gun culture here in the UK, we are nowhere near as bad as dare i say our american cousins.

Their record of gun crime/deaths is nothing short of astonishing.

I really dont fancy joining in with their culture, surely if the police start carrying guns it will be giving out a message that guns are ok, guns can be used for fighting crime, i for one do not want to see guns becoming a part of everyday life.

Hey y'all i sleep with my magnum under my pillow. No thanks america! :eek:
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No, I dont think Cops should be armed, but I do think that the Death penalty should be restored for Cop Killers.
I think it is likely that, if the police were armed, more criminals would begin carrying guns.

So I'm against the police carrying guns as standard.
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bluesboy said:
No, I dont think Cops should be armed, but I do think that the Death penalty should be restored for Cop Killers.

and child molesters.

No to arming cops for me, To many are jack the lad around here, I wouldn't trust them with guns.

Have Fun

am 50 / 50 at the minute been a little twat as a kid i remember meeting some cops that where just on complete power trips and giving them hand guns will just make them think there invinsible so.
Well, this is a very difficult subject to deal with...
Personally, I don't think we should arm our Police (the 'bobby' on the to speak) as a matter of course. I seriously think it would just cause a street 'arms race'...
I do feel that we should re-introduce the death penalty for the murder/manslaughter of police officers, or at the very least 'life' in prision, meaning whole life with no parole. Statistics don't come into this because you can make them 'lean' either way (for or against), it should be a reflection of 'our societies' moral standing on this crime.
Currently, we have armed officers 'on the street' pretty much everyday, nearly all forces operate armed response units, which I think is on balance a good system. It keeps a small number of trained specialist officers who can deal with armed incidents as required, but keeps them available for everyday duties too. There may well be a need to require all forces to do this, as there is no current requirement, although Cheif Officers can arm officers at will currently. I feel that there is room for improvement in procedures for armed officers and how they are deployed. For instance Friday's terrible incident was initiated by a panic alarm, I would say that this should cause the duty officer in the control room to ask for an ARV, not normal beat officers, to attend...
The Jean Charles de Menezes incident and others of it's ilk, show that the job of an armed officer is not easy. We are asking them to take split second decisions of life or death, mistakes will be made but we should stand by those officers & respect their decision. After all, if an armed officer had shot one of the bombers on July 7, then he'd currently be regaurded as a hero and no quesions would be asked of his or her motives.....
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lone.gunman said:
The Jean Charles de Menezes incident

That wouldn't have made any difference and shouldn't really be used in an argument about this issue because those armed officers were given the authority to shoot
I say arm them up and make it quick because there is too much gun crime happening on the streets now and it is time to get tougher i think just as long as we don't turn into the great old "USA" who seem to have a shoot first ask later policy.
come on! cops with guns, no chance, i agree with many peeps about it gettin rough on the streets but just make sentences bigger for those carrying guns.
Police need guns, not just to use them, but to show all the scum that they have the same as them! that's just my opionion!

UK is falling to bits!!

well i dont no about u guys and all the other places over the uk but were im from i know a lot of lets say wanna be gangsters who i know personaly to have guns and no of people that have used them so its a tricky situation to arm all police ie heres a example. i was part of a gang of lads that done all the stupid things when we were in our early teens till earlie 20s and we wouldnt think twice about fighting any 1 with anything we got our hands on and the most commen thing in glasgow is a knife and still is to this day unfortunatly . so what im saying is police got beatings as well as any 1 else that got in the way and if the police had guns in those days it would have probably made a big difference here .but on the other hand the police would still be attacked and thankfully it never happend the guns would have been took off them and probably used.

so i think police should have guns locked up safe in the boot of ther cars but no police walking the beat because there are some places u just cannot go into up here without hassel and am talking about the youngsters that cause it. its true people say on here it could start a gun culture but the thing is ther is already 1 but u dont here about them in the press because a lot of them go unreported.