dm7025 and multiboot


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Aug 22, 2005
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wolverhampton (telewest) uk
hi guys need a bit of input

have a dream7025 (twin tuner) with gemini 3.0 1 gig cf card and multiboot (2 versions 1 on flashwizaedpro and one by Multiboot for Dreambox 7025 Version 8.4B by thowi )

right read the read me and done most of what it says so now when i goto plugins i have multiboot in there
i can go into it and get it to make partitions on either the cf card or the hdd but i cant figure out where to go from there.........

when i use the flash wizard pro it says it needs to install multiboot and when i say yes it searches devices and cant come up with any cf/flash or hdd... once the program is quit and started again it says exactly the same thing again
i have the right ipnumber
has anyone got an easy to follow tutoriol and the software to enable multiboot on this box as i want to be able to trey different images

ty all very much in advance
I had a similar problem which was overcome by rebooting the dreambox while FWPro was running then did a check and this time the CF shown up and took multiboot
regards t,bobs
I use Barry Allen on my 7025 which allows you to multiboot and manage your images via a CF card.
Been using it for the last week and it works well.
Let me know if you want more info.