DM500s loosing some signals - Advise Please


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Jul 23, 2005
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Evening All,

Recently my clone dm500s started loosing the signal when I tried to watch any of the Sky Sports channels, the box would not reboot but would just simply loose the picture and my TV would automatically revert the signal coming into it from aerial and then it would just loop between the 2, so basically 2 seconds of the satellite feed, drop signal and back to terrestial TV.

I had set-up favouraites for my folks to easily navigate to the channels they want rather than faffin about with all the channels, so as this was only happening on the sky sports channels, I just went back to the main bouquet and choose another sky sports channel of the same description and replaced the one in the favouraites bouquet with that. To make things clearer, when I scan for channels and lets say I found sky sports 1, there would like 5 other sky sports 1's that the scan has found aswell, all with different channel numbers beside them, so I am assuming that they must all be for different area's maybe, as when I replaced the fav one with another, I did not encounter this loosing signal problem again.

Now in saying the above, today I am having this loosing signal problem with many of my channels now, even including channel 5.

Can anyone shed any light on why this might be happening and how I could go about fixing the problem, the majority of my channels are fine but a good handfull are giving me this problem!!

I have rebooted the box serveral times and reset my router etc...

Any advise on this would be much appreciated. Thanks for your time.