DM 600 PVR found this may be of interest

I can't wait to get my hands on one of these :)

Looks like it could get quite hot with a hdd in that tiny space.
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i wonder when dvb will get this in stock! cant wait to get mine! :)

it looks nice :)

hard drive is located at the top, head does rise ;) so id say it should be ok with all the ventelation.....

i wonder if they will withdraw the 500c at some point? or will it drop in price?
I reckon they will be best part of £300 unless you have a spare 2.5 hdd laying around

i bought mine off dvb about £180 only cost about £30 for a brand new 80gb hard disk :p its here and waiting for the 600 to come :)
how much could you record on an 80gig drive i would want an 160gb drive in mine
not 100% sure what size of drive it supports but it would be worth putting the largest drive in it you can afford not sure what the biggest 2.5 hdd is now and it as to be an ide drive aswell
£195 without a hdd, hmmm thats a bit too dear for me.
ill ask my supplier 2moz :)

might b able to post some prices up as well :)

i hope this box turns up soon, dvb has my money for over 1-2 months...... :) lol

imagine the intrest lmao.
on the first page it looks like a 500c with a hard drive in it,
however on the dream website it looks sleek in black and more rounded?

is this what the final product will look like???? :p

well ill ask 2morrow for the latest prices...... and let you all know how much we should be paying :)

its handy running your own business ;) hehehehehe
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took this info from dvb site:

2.5" - 120 GB (~60 Hours recording time) installed for DM 600 PV

£ 80.00
incl. 19 % Tax excl.Shipping costs
m not sure what size hdd it supports but i would go for the biggest i could afford probally
they state size dosent matter its the way you use it but i have found it does help to have a big one!!!

not sure what the biggest 2,5 hdd is at present the largest ive seen is 160gb
its ide interface aswell which is becoming old technology now as most laptops now have sata drives installed into them which may be a good thing for us
as the prices on old ide drives may start to plumet

but if there is a huge demand for them they may start to rise again

think we should all start looking for good deals on hdd aswell
Anyone know if the tuner is any good on this one?

it is a plug and play tuner on the dm600

i think its the same as the dm7025,ihave one of these boxes

and have no problems with it. it is slightly better than my dm500 me thinks

but every ones setup is different , it definetly not worse than the dm 500