ditv1000 stuck in an update loop????


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Oct 22, 2005
i have just done a ditv 1000 5 days ago took it off feed and off power left it in my room and went to sort out a tit2 card for it and now it is stuck in an update loop with err4 coming up?
i will leave it powered on over the night but want to know if the stuck in and update loop will have any adverse affects????
i have even put a brand new batt in from maplin the old one only had 2.98volts.
the box just keeps losing its netid all the time???
even did the netid with a fun card bit but still no joy.?
any ideas peeps?

sorry i forgot to say done that twice both time s left jumper off for 30 mins and still no joy?

was told this>
you need a test simm to break the cycle,get the box into engenering menus with test and set net id,remove the simm and replace with the original simm.

any ideas peeps plz many thanks


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Jun 6, 2005
i had one today m8,i manage to get round it by putting a sim in from another 1000 and then after the cycle had finished i stuck a 2 chip type sim in from a 1010 and its still running no probs,updated to cr4
but mine wasnt losing its net id m8


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Apr 30, 2005
hi mate
it could be the ram chip behind the battery i have a 2000 that just goes of and looses the net id there is a leg missing on the chip witch i scraped back and soldered a wire to but it still goes of